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Allen Field is the choice manufacturer of proprietary and custom-designed fittings for the Packaging, Woodworking and Textile Industries. Our solutions-oriented approach continues to make us a recognized leader in the industry. Allen Field was established in 1945 as a customer-focused manufacturer of plastic sock hangers, shoe hangers, small garment accessory hangers, plastic clips, plastic closures and other retail display hardware for the garment and hosiery industry. We have since expanded our product line to include box clips, plastic box handles, and plastic handles with logos. Our box clip is a convenient way to keep your packaging together. Our products are versatile enough for you to use in the way that they best fit your needs.

The Mission of Allen Field Company, Inc. is to assist in the Design and Manufacturing of quality components for customers using our capabilities and experience in plastic injection molding, die-casting, metal-stamping and woodworking.

Stock packaging and woodworking components include: plastic handles, small hangers, plastic display hooks and rings, display hangers, connecting box clips, plastic and metal shelf pins, corner protectors, drawer slides, boring tools.

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Box Flap Closure

The Box Flap Closure is one of the latest packaging innovations introduced by Allen Field Company. Designed to pack, unpack, and repack a corrugated box, it enables corrugated packaging to be reused and saves time when reopening and repackaging it. The clip is useful in Warehouse Automated Storage Retrieval Systems, Fulfillment Centers, Inventory Management, and even in homes for recurring storage needs.

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Rotary Locking Clip

Rotary Display Hook


Allen Field has been a leader in the Packaging Industry for over 60 years. Our original line of plastic sock hangers and small plastic retail hangers quickly transitioned into a full line of POP display aids and plastic handles for corrugated boxes. Our success with plastic box handles, small plastic hangers, and display aids within the packaging industry led to our line of connecting clips, also known as box clips, for corrugated boxes. All AF Packaging items, such as plastic handles for boxes, sock hangers and shoe hangers, are manufactured to bring high quality and low cost together... Read more.


In 1992, Allen Field acquired PX Hardware (1972 "Shelf Lock" inventor), broadening our product offerings from plastic handles, box handles, sock hangers, shoe hangers, box clips, and display aids to include plastic and metal cabinet hardware for the woodworking industry. We offer metal shelf supports, plastic shelf supports, shelf locks, drawer hardware, corner blocks, and more. We develop innovative woodworking solutions, both standard and custom-designed, that feature exceptional strength and durability with the added value and quality our customers have come to expect from Allen Field...read more.