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Case Studies

Allen Field has been a trusted leader in the packaging and corrugated industries for over 40 years. Allen Field products are manufactured using only the highest quality plastics and processes. Our plastic handles are designed to enhance the look and performance of your existing packaging and transportation solutions, and to ultimately help you improve your bottom line. We offer a large selection of high-quality stock handles, and also custom-design and manufacture handles in various colors, shapes, and sizes for our customers. Of course, our handles can be personalized with a company logo as well.

Bucket Handle Adapter Case Study

Our customer, a corrugated carton company, wanted to use the Allen Field All-Plastic Bucket Handle on his boxes. He loved the industrial look and feel of this handle and thought it would be a great addition to his corrugated containers. Coming to us for a resolution, we worked on a way to attach the Bucket Handle to cardboard.

Plastic Clean Lift Case Study

Allen Field takes on custom manufacturing projects of all scopes and sizes. From a minor alteration of a current design to a large ensemble of parts – manufactured from start to finish, we have done it all.

Medical Housing Unit Case Study

 A well-established medical design company recently approached Allen Field Company for help with the manufacturing of several casings for their medical equipment. We successfully sourced and manufactured a plastic casing for a medical mixer, as well as a die-casted metal housing for a similar medical stirrer.

Children's Adjustable Table Case Study

A well known North American school supply company came to Allen Field looking to branch into the children’s furniture industry. To create an eye-catching and efficient adjustable table, three components were necessary: wood, plastic, and metal.

Retail Sporting Goods Case Study

Impressed by Allen Field's strong management skills and reputation as an end-to-end manufacturing industry solution, a large sporting goods retailer came to Allen Field to design a specialized, high quality sock hanger.

Closet Organization Case Study

Allen Field conceived and created the tailor-made Packaging Clip that allowed for easy installation, increased production time, lower costs, and greater overall aestheticism

Woodworking Portable Drill Case Study

Famous for its product "GIZMO" - a multi-function tool designed to work with all hand drills to easily and precisely drill cabinet sides for hardware placement and shelf pinholes - Allen Field was asked by a leader in the wood closet systems industry to manufacture a custom-made GIZMO for their particular needs, one that would allow their employees to work directly on-site.

Cabinet Hardware Case Study

Allen Field designed an adjustable metal bracket and plastic cover that reduced parts from 8 to 4 per drawer.

Curtain Display Case Study

Allen Field developed a tailor-made hanger: the Closed-hook Snap Hanger that allowed for simple assembly and ease in display without the tired look of the traditional plastic bag.