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  2. Key Influences on Packaging Demands — April 2, 2015
  3. Ecommerce Packaging Trends — February 24, 2015
  4. Choosing the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging Design — January 22, 2015
  5. Unsuitable Packaging Design for Online Consumers — December 22, 2014

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How to Making Your POP displays more Effective

POP displays are a dedicated form of promotional packaging design. Typically found near a checkout counter, POP displays are a good way to inspire people to buy a new product or highlight an existing product that needs refreshing. Whether you are using them in your own business or building a packaging design display for one …

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Key Influences on Packaging Demands

The progression of packaging demands are influenced by a variety of factors, including year to year demands on the packaging industry, and long-term influences. While the economy plays a major role in influencing the size and growth of the packaging industry market, there are a number of other factors that can be seen as having …

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Ecommerce Packaging Trends

Many retailers have treated shipping cases as an afterthought that is up until recently. Over the past several years, that has started to change as the packaging industry has worked diligently to elevate packaging design.  We have come a long way from the old brown box and plastic bag. More brands are putting greater emphasis …

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Choosing the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

Eco-Friendly Packaging Chart

When it comes to choosing eco-friendly packaging design, the choices may seem confusing. Alternative packaging materials may seem like the best option, but how do they compare with petroleum-based plastics when it comes to energy use and greenhouse gas emissions? Here we will discuss some points to consider when choosing between alternative materials or plastics …

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Unsuitable Packaging Design for Online Consumers


  A new survey identifies internet shoppers’ biggest packaging design bugbears. The number one annoyance for online shoppers is receiving items sent in oversized packaging, according to the results of a consumer survey published today by a leading UK packaging provider. The research was commissioned by the UK’s largest packaging distributor, was conducted across 1,000 …

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Four Trends Impacting the North American Packaging Market

In its new report, “The Future of Packaging in North America to 2017,” Smithers Pira uncovers current and future trends in the North American packaging market, which is expected to grow from $169.1 billion to $186 billion by 2017. Here are four trends impacting the North American packaging market. 1. Mexico’s packaging market is expected …

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The Allen Field Exhibit During The Pack Expo 2014

Allen Field Company proudly presented its latest packaging innovations at the Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, November 2-5. Andrew Franzone, the president of the company, and Robert Ahearn, the national sales manager, enjoyed meeting with customers and new friends who stopped by their booth. Both Andrew and Robert are well-known for their innovation in the …

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Packaging for Holiday Shipments is About to Drastically Increase the Retail & Packaging Industry’s Profit Margins

The retail industry’s ship is coming in – literally. Thousands of ships carrying millions of containers of great consumer holiday buys will be arriving soon to retailers across the country. Although this is a great opportunity for retailers, let us not forget the profit margin increase the packaging industry will experience as well. This time …

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Color and Packaging Design: The Game Changer for the Packaging Industry

Package Design in Color

When it comes to package design, color may be one of the most influential factors that grip people’s attention and get customers to buy. Studies show that when consumers shop, they make choices in as little as 20 seconds. Therefore, this is a clear indicator that people buy what catches their eyes. In relation to …

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Sourcing of Packaging and its Importance on Your Product

One of the most important decisions for manufacturers is their sourcing of packaging.  Believe it or not, the packaging industry greatly influences the products in which consumers buy. Whether your sourcing of packaging is buying handles, closures, or connecting clips to assembling components, the packaging industry may greatly affect the success of your product. Usually …

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