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  5. In-Mold Labeling is on the Rise — September 16, 2015

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Category Focus – Self-Ready Packaging (SRP)

Point of sales can no longer afford to ignore the category of Self-Ready Packaging (SRP), with more and more brands coming to the realize how effective it can be. Historically, retailers haven’t put much effort into SRP, but the tides are quickly changing.


Global Packaging Demand to Increase Up Until 2020

The rate of global packaging will grow between 2015-2020, a new report suggests, with the prediction that it will reach $998 billion at today’s prices over a five-year period.


Bioplastic Market is Set to Soar Over the Next Five Years

Allied Market Research, a marketing research team has released a new and exciting report on Bioplastics and their development in popularity among the packaging industry.


PACK EXPO: Top 3 Packaging Trends that are Affecting the Global Packaging Market

There are many packaging trends that have flooded the packaging industry this year, but some show a forecast of greater influence on the global market for packaging design than others.


In-Mold Labeling is on the Rise

In 2015 it became apparent to the packaging industry that in-mold labeling was on the rise. Those within the packaging industry conducted a study on in-mold labeling and this is what they found.  In-mold labeling is expected to grow the most rapidly of all primary-packaging label technologies through 2019, with stretch, sleeve and heat-shrink labels …

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Impressive Packaging Design

Product packaging can wow consumers in a variety of ways, from the pretty to the creative.  Packaging makes consumers want to share their experience with others, so knowing how to harness the power of packaging is a great way to market your brand to current and potential customers.


How Product Packaging Effects Consumer Purchasing

Did you know that nearly half of consumers make their decision to purchase a product based on the product’s packaging? Keep in mind, packaging is the first thing a consumer interacts with, product packaging is literally the face of your product.


3D Printing & the Packaging Industry

3D printing is set to revolutionize both the global manufacturing and packaging industry. The overall 3D printing market consists of 3D printers, polymer materials, parts and services. A major news report from Smithers Pira, the 3D printing industry is expected to increase to $5.9 billion in 2015 and grow to $49.1 billion by 2025, representing …

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Simplistic Packaging: Find out why Less is More in Packaging Design

In recent years, “Less is more” has become the mantra throughout the packaging industry. This packaging design practice comes from making it easy for customers to open product packaging, and provide a more eco-friendly approach to the packaging industry.


Cost Effective Packaging Design

Reaching consumers these days can be a challenge. Business owners and advertisers often struggle to come up with innovative ways to market their products. Creating an effective packaging design is the best way to attract more customers. Here are some ideas for cost effective packaging design that is sure to get your product noticed.

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