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Key Influences on Packaging Demands

The progression of packaging demands are influenced by a variety of factors, including year to year demands on the packaging industry, and long-term influences. While the economy plays a major role in influencing the size and growth of the packaging industry market, there are a number of other factors that can be seen as having a direct or indirect influence on packaging demands.

Packaging demands often affect every aspect of the industry, including packaging design. Here are some key components that greatly shake the packaging industry:

• The ageing of the world population

• The trend towards smaller households

• The increasing requirement for convenience among consumers

• Rising health awareness among consumers and packaging design

• The trend towards ‘on-the-go’ lifestyles among increasingly time-poor consumers

• Growing requirements for brand enhancement as it pertains to packaging design / differentiation in an increasingly competitive environment

• New packaging material development

• The move towards smaller pack sizes as the incidence of families eating together at the dinner table become less common

• Increasing awareness of environmental issues, and the adoption of new regulatory requirements on recyclable packaging design

Out of all these impacts, health awareness was regarded as the single most important aspects to grow in both the packaging industry and in packaging design. The ageing of the populations throughout the world was considered the least important influence on the packaging industry market, although even in this case, more than half of all respondents considered this to be important to some degree.

Allen Field Inc. is a leading contributor to the packaging industry. Through our innovative packaging design, we are able to rise to the challenge of an ever-changing market. We can help your product meet and exceed today’s packaging demands. For more information on our ground-breaking packaging design, contact us today at 1-877-959-3591.

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Ecommerce Packaging Trends

Many retailers have treated shipping cases as an afterthought that is up until recently. Over the past several years, that has started to change as the packaging industry has worked diligently to elevate packaging design.  We have come a long way from the old brown box and plastic bag.

More brands are putting greater emphasis on their packaging design, and that’s an important when it comes to ecommerce appeal. What’s even more interesting is how much consumers care about the specialized packaging design. Here are a several ecommerce packaging trends for 2015.

In 2015, we can expect more brands to put emphasis on their shipment packaging design. Those in the packaging industry, get ready, here are the latest packaging trends for 2015:

  • Pretty, branded boxes: Higher-end retailers who want to make their customers feel special will add an extra touch to their packaging design, so it draws more consumers.
  • Personalized notes: The packaging industry will see a demand for personalized “thank you” notes and offers from retailers. Again, a nice added effect to draw consumers.
  • Going green: The Frustration-Free Packaging uses simple packing materials to make opening your electronics much simpler—and green—than the traditional plastic packaging.
  • Cost and space: Finding the balance between premium packaging design options, with cost and space limitations will be a priority for retailers during 2015.

For help with your ecommerce packaging design, contact Allen Field Inc. today! We have many years of experience in the packaging industry, and can keep your brand looking fresh and competitive in the face of ecommerce packaging trends for 2015. Contact us today at 1-877-959-3591.

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Choosing the Most Eco-Friendly Packaging Design

When it comes to choosing eco-friendly packaging design, the choices may seem confusing. Alternative packaging materials may seem like the best option, but how do they compare with petroleum-based plastics when it comes to energy use and greenhouse gas emissions? Here we will discuss some points to consider when choosing between alternative materials or plastics for your packaging design needs.

A study has determined that six major categories of plastic packaging help to significantly reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions compared to packaging alternatives made with other materials. The study on the packaging industry, “Impact of Plastics Packaging on Life Cycle Energy Consumption & Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the United States and Canada,” provides a transparent, detailed assessment that quantifies the energy and climate benefits of using various types of everyday plastic packaging compared to alternatives.

The Franklin Associates for the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and the Canadian Plastics Industry Association prepared a study assessing the energy requirements and greenhouse gas emissions of six general categories of plastic packaging produced and sold in the U.S. and Canada. These include the packaging design of caps and closures, beverage containers, other rigid containers, carrier (or shopping) bags, stretch/shrink wrap, and other flexible packaging.

Study authors used life-cycle assessment (LCA) methodology to compare current amounts of various plastic packaging product designs to packaging made with alternative materials. The assessment found that for the baseline year 2010, replacing all plastic packaging with non-plastic alternatives for these six types of packaging in the U.S. would:

• Require 4.5 times as much packaging material by weight, increasing the amount of packaging used in the U.S. by nearly 55 million tons (110 billion lb)

• Increase energy use by 80%—equivalent to the energy from 91 oil supertankers

• Result in 130% more global warming potential—equivalent to adding 15.7 million more cars to our roads

Similar calculations are available for the Canadian market.

The packaging industry often refer to : ”The Four R’s”—reduce, reuse, recycle, and recover. It is so important for understanding, measuring, and improving sustainability. This study shows the enormous benefits that reducing or optimizing a package design at the beginning of the process can have throughout its entire life cycle. In addition, America’s plastics makers are working to enhance plastics’ environmental performance after use by increasing recycling and recovery while supporting efforts to prevent litter. We can appreciate the desire to reduce emissions of greenhouse gas, and other pollutants attributed to the environment as a result of the packaging industry. Our packaging designers can work with you to find the right packaging product to fit your needs.  If you are looking for eco-friendly packaging design that fits your product needs, contact Allen Field Inc. today.

Eco-Friendly Packaging Chart

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Unsuitable Packaging Design for Online Consumers


A new survey identifies internet shoppers’ biggest packaging design bugbears. The number one annoyance for online shoppers is receiving items sent in oversized packaging, according to the results of a consumer survey published today by a leading UK packaging provider.

The research was commissioned by the UK’s largest packaging distributor, was conducted across 1,000 consumers and found that over a quarter of them (25.6%) received items delivered in boxes or parcels that were far too large. This unsuitable packaging for online consumers really stands to take a toll on the packaging industry.  Poor packaging design prevents small items from posting through letterboxes and resulted in recipients being forced to make other arrangements for delivery or to pick up the parcels.

Meanwhile, in second place, 22.8% of consumers expressed frustration at receiving items in packaging that had become ripped or damaged during transit, risking damage to, or loss of, the contents of the parcel. Insufficiently protective packaging, risking the same outcome, came in third place at 19.8 per cent. Ultimately, the blame for defective packaging protection falls squarely on the shoulders of the packaging industry, and its designers.

Judging from this research, it is clear that consumers are frustrated by unsuitable packaging for online consumer deliveries, and rightly so. Furthermore, in today’s 24-hour economy where time is a precious commodity and people use online technology to make life easier, the last thing they need is to waste time collecting ordered items from delivery offices or waiting around for repeat deliveries due to package design inadequacies.

Increasingly, smart logistics providers are ‘letterboxing’ items where they can, posting deliveries and notifying customers they have done so to eradicate these time wasting factors, but this can only happen if suitably sized, durable packaging design has been used by the seller.

Also, it is apparent that consumers expect that enough care has been taken by the packaging industry, merchant and delivery service to ensure that their package arrives in one piece. There is a balance to be struck between size, protection and a quality logistics service. There are many ingeniously designed packages and boxes available to retailers today, and customizing these to meet both their brand and design requirements, as well as delivering customer satisfaction first time, is key to the success of their online operations.

As we see the economy increasingly focused on internet-based retail, there is an urgent need for those firms that are still lagging behind in terms of their packaging design to catch up or risk a serious dent in their revenue and reputation. Does your company need help with your packaging design? Visit the packaging industry’s leader, Allen Field Inc., we listen and manufacture solutions.

Unsuitable Packaging Design for Online Consumers

Unsuitable Packaging Design for Online Consumers

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Four Trends Impacting the North American Packaging Market

In its new report, “The Future of Packaging in North America to 2017,” Smithers Pira uncovers current and future trends in the North American packaging market, which is expected to grow from $169.1 billion to $186 billion by 2017. Here are four trends impacting the North American packaging market.

1. Mexico’s packaging market is expected to continue impressive growth. Of the three North American countries, Mexico is forecasted to have the highest percentage of growth in both the short and mid-term. In 2011 the largest market share of the North American packaging industry was by the U.S., with 83.3% ahead of Canada, with 9.8%, and Mexico, with 7.0%. The U.S. also saw the biggest negative impact from the global economic downturn.

Mexico’s packaging market is expected to gain on average 3.1% per annum over the next four years to 2017. Particular areas of growth in the Mexico packaging industry include soft drink beverage packaging that meets the needs of customers seeking both versatility and sophistication from their packaging design.

2. Paperboard is expected to lead market industry share. Although paperboard suffered a steeper decline than most other packaging materials during the recession, especially in the U.S., it has recovered quickly and returned to pre-crisis packaging design levels. In 2011 in North America, the largest share of packaging consumption was paperboard, taking 33.7% of the total, and corrugated packaging claimed the largest share of North American paperboard packaging industry sales.

Corrugated packaging was not only the fastest-growing paperboard sector, increasing by 4.7% during the year 2011, it also accounted for the largest share of board consumption at 64.3%. The U.S. is forecast to maintain its 2012 share of North American board packaging design sales, growing on average by 0.9% per annum above inflation levels to reach $51.9 billion in 2017.

3. Rigid plastic packaging design is expected to continue success in North America. The rigid plastic packaging market is forecast to grow on average by 2.6% per annum to achieve sales worth $40 billion and 11.9 million tonnes by 2017. Mexican rigid plastic packaging sales are expected to grow the fastest in the region, with an average annual growth rate of 4.8% and surpass Canadian packaging market consumption levels by $45 million in 2017. Rigid plastic packaging is expected to continue to gain popularity in the market, experiencing the highest growth rate across plastics, ahead of PET and polyethylene.

In 2017, the rigid plastic packaging market is forecast to be worth $433.5 billion, with PE and PET remaining the main plastics used for consumer manufacturing.

4. The packaging industry sectors to demonstrate recovery. Uncertainties still remain concerning the North America economy—specifically the impacts of the European economic crisis and political uncertainty in oil-exporting countries. The U.S. has also been significantly affected by falling real estate values and difficulties in securing financing for future investments. However, the industrial segments have been in recovery since a sharp downturn in demand in 2009. Real estate values are now also starting to show recovery.

Growth rates of industrial packaging are showing the same expected growth rates as those in consumer packaging in coming years. Industrial packaging market is expected to increase on average by 1.2% per annum above inflation levels to reach $62.5 million by 2017.

If you would like to learn more about the packaging industry, and Allen Field Inc.’s impressive packaging design , contact us today.

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The Allen Field Exhibit During The Pack Expo 2014

Rotary Clip

Allen Field Company proudly presented its latest packaging innovations at the Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, November 2-5. Andrew Franzone, the president of the company, and Robert Ahearn, the national sales manager, enjoyed meeting with customers and new friends who stopped by their booth. Both Andrew and Robert are well-known for their innovation in the packaging industry. Robert and Andrew have pioneered many of packaging design over the years, but this packaging expo reveals these two innovators are once again, leading the way.

During the Allen Field exhibit, one of the hottest items unleashed is the Box Clip – a carton closing fastener became the “Product of the Show.” The clips are designed to pack, unpack, and repack the corrugated boxes. The box clips eliminate the usage of tape and strapping that causes damage to boxes during repackaging. “Genius,” did you say? Those attending the packaging expo would agree to that. This innovative packaging component does not stop there, though. With the box clips, you are able to create reusable corrugated packaging while saving time reopening and repacking it.

Allen Field also displayed the New Micro Hang-Eze, Fotl Slide Header Hook, Swivel Hang Tab, Rotary Display hook, and Rotary Locking Clip among all other popular products. To learn more about the Company’s cutting-edge projects, please visit our website today.

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Packaging for Holiday Shipments is About to Drastically Increase the Retail & Packaging Industry’s Profit Margins

US Holiday Retail SalesThe retail industry’s ship is coming in – literally. Thousands of ships carrying millions of containers of great consumer holiday buys will be arriving soon to retailers across the country. Although this is a great opportunity for retailers, let us not forget the profit margin increase the packaging industry will experience as well.

This time of year, U.S. ports rush to unload the goodies that will be under trees or menorahs in December. In fact according to a report by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates, October’s shipments are also about to reach record highs. They expect volume will have risen 6.4% this month compared with a year earlier.

So, what does all of this mean exactly for the packaging industry? This puts a strong emphasis on packaging design to ensure the integrity of the product. Packaging for holiday shipments is no small task. The packaging industry has to not only produce appropriate packaging for products, but given the season and its demand, they must produce mass amounts of quality packaging as well.

American consumers are expected to spend big this holiday season. There is nothing small about the holiday sales when it comes to display supplies or packaging design for shipping reliability. Allen Field is here to help you make this year’s holiday season worth celebrating! Its small plastic hangers and POP display aids are sold to countless textile/apparel companies and wholesale/retail stores.  For a hassle-free holiday season, visit our website for preparing packaging for holiday shipments or retail holiday displays.


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Color and Packaging Design: The Game Changer for the Packaging Industry

Package Design in ColorWhen it comes to package design, color may be one of the most influential factors that grip people’s attention and get customers to buy. Studies show that when consumers shop, they make choices in as little as 20 seconds. Therefore, this is a clear indicator that people buy what catches their eyes. In relation to packaging design, the selection of color and finish in design becomes much more important than one initially thought.

Many brands are instantly recognized because of their signature colors. When a brand “owns” a strong color, it should be carried into its packaging design. Besides signature colors on the boxes, unique packaging components such as handles, hooks, hangers or logos are also ways to identify a specific level of recognition for consumers.

A few packaging industry tips when choosing colors in a deliberate manner for packaging design:

•             Many natural and organic products end up packaged in unbleached paperboard with plenty of green and rich earth tones.

•             Black, gold or silver are used alone or in combination for luxury brands.

•             High tech products are often deliberately packaged in minimalist black.

•             Simple, clean products with fewer ingredients tend to be packaged in white.

•             Kids’ toys are packaged in bright primary colors: yellows, blues and reds. Girls’ toys are in a range of pinks.

•             Lavenders are often used for women’s and new age products that evoke spiritualism.

•             Bright colors used with black evoke sophistication and edgy brands.

In well-executed packaging design, it is this very strategy that prompts the “buy” response from consumers. The packaging industry offers brand owners custom colors and logo imprinting options to accommodate their branding needs. Talk to your Allen Field Sale Rep about your specific requirements in color selection and logo imprinting. All you have to do is providing us with your color chip/swatch for the ultimate package design. See how our impressive package design can take your product sales to the next level.


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Sourcing of Packaging and its Importance on Your Product

One of the most important decisions for manufacturers is their sourcing of packaging.  Believe it or not, the packaging industry greatly influences the products in which consumers buy. Whether your sourcing of packaging is buying handles, closures, or connecting clips to assembling components, the packaging industry may greatly affect the success of your product. Usually options are available for manufacturers that want to manage the purchasing / sourcing with their packaging industry suppliers. Here are four tips to take into account when sourcing your own packaging.

•             The brand owners or manufactures purchase the packaging components from the supplier and take care of the assembly in their own factories.

•             The brand owners or manufactures provide specifications of the needed products, and the suppliers are responsible for sourcing and assembling.

•             The brand owners or manufacturers prepare specifications for desired packaging products and the suppliers are responsible for custom-designing and manufacturing the parts and taking care of assembling and shipping.

•             In addition to managing sourcing, developing and assembling, the suppliers provide the 3PL services that take care of domestic and/or international logistics.

If sourcing of packaging is your goal for your products, Allen Field Co., Inc. is your best solution. Through Allen Field’s constituent market, product sourcing knowledge and established business relationships, provides you with a wealth of experienced product sourcing specialists. Our packaging industry professionals are able to engage in high-quality packaging sourcing that will exceed your expectations. Learn more about the benefits that await you, when select Allen Field’s package sourcing services. For more information, visit our website today.

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3-D Printing is Changing the Way We See Packaging Design

3-D Printing for Packaging DesignAllen Field Inc. has continued to make big strides in the packaging industry. Thanks to their innovative packaging experts, here is one more reason why Allen Field continues to be seen as an industry leader. The company’s packaging designers have found ground-breaking ways to take 3-D printing and instant molding to the next level. Since Allen Field Inc. has taken the packaging industry by storm with their 3-D printing capability, no one in the industry can seem to stop talking about their successes. Here we will discuss 3-D printing and what Allen Field’s packaging designers have to say about their latest contributions to the industry.

Packaging designers had always sent Allen Field’s 3D files out to be produced by third party printers, until about two years ago when the company purchased their first machine. It gave packaging designers so much freedom to experiment with 3-D printing ideas and how they may benefit packaging. Since then, Allen Field Inc. has purchased a second machine, the momentum for growth and expansion of packaging design capabilities are endless.

Thanks to 3-D printing, Allen Field can offer quick turnaround on concepts to clients and the ability to “test” part of the packaging before going into production. Because of the material used, there is only about 10% of projects that the 3-D printing technology cannot be used on, and some larger packaging components need to be produced in sections. For the most part, the technology that 3-D printing provides allows us reach a completely new level in the packaging industry.

Allen Field Inc. believes that their 3-D printing capabilities will continue to grow well into 2015, as they expect to add two more 3-D printing machines. Overall, 3-D printing expands the possibilities for clients and the way consumers experience products. Click here to learn more about Allen Field’s Custom Design Services.

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