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The Allen Field Exhibit During The Pack Expo 2014

Rotary Clip

Allen Field Company proudly presented its latest packaging innovations at the Pack Expo 2014 in Chicago, November 2-5. Andrew Franzone, the president of the company, and Robert Ahearn, the national sales manager, enjoyed meeting with customers and new friends who stopped by their booth. Both Andrew and Robert are well-known for their innovation in the packaging industry. Robert and Andrew have pioneered many of packaging design over the years, but this packaging expo reveals these two innovators are once again, leading the way.

During the Allen Field exhibit, one of the hottest items unleashed is the Box Clip – a carton closing fastener became the “Product of the Show.” The clips are designed to pack, unpack, and repack the corrugated boxes. The box clips eliminate the usage of tape and strapping that causes damage to boxes during repackaging. “Genius,” did you say? Those attending the packaging expo would agree to that. This innovative packaging component does not stop there, though. With the box clips, you are able to create reusable corrugated packaging while saving time reopening and repacking it.

Allen Field also displayed the New Micro Hang-Eze, Fotl Slide Header Hook, Swivel Hang Tab, Rotary Display hook, and Rotary Locking Clip among all other popular products. To learn more about the Company’s cutting-edge projects, please visit our website today.

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Packaging for Holiday Shipments is About to Drastically Increase the Retail & Packaging Industry’s Profit Margins

US Holiday Retail SalesThe retail industry’s ship is coming in – literally. Thousands of ships carrying millions of containers of great consumer holiday buys will be arriving soon to retailers across the country. Although this is a great opportunity for retailers, let us not forget the profit margin increase the packaging industry will experience as well.

This time of year, U.S. ports rush to unload the goodies that will be under trees or menorahs in December. In fact according to a report by the National Retail Federation and Hackett Associates, October’s shipments are also about to reach record highs. They expect volume will have risen 6.4% this month compared with a year earlier.

So, what does all of this mean exactly for the packaging industry? This puts a strong emphasis on packaging design to ensure the integrity of the product. Packaging for holiday shipments is no small task. The packaging industry has to not only produce appropriate packaging for products, but given the season and its demand, they must produce mass amounts of quality packaging as well.

American consumers are expected to spend big this holiday season. There is nothing small about the holiday sales when it comes to display supplies or packaging design for shipping reliability. Allen Field is here to help you make this year’s holiday season worth celebrating! Its small plastic hangers and POP display aids are sold to countless textile/apparel companies and wholesale/retail stores.  For a hassle-free holiday season, visit our website for preparing packaging for holiday shipments or retail holiday displays.


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Color and Packaging Design: The Game Changer for the Packaging Industry

Package Design in ColorWhen it comes to package design, color may be one of the most influential factors that grip people’s attention and get customers to buy. Studies show that when consumers shop, they make choices in as little as 20 seconds. Therefore, this is a clear indicator that people buy what catches their eyes. In relation to packaging design, the selection of color and finish in design becomes much more important than one initially thought.

Many brands are instantly recognized because of their signature colors. When a brand “owns” a strong color, it should be carried into its packaging design. Besides signature colors on the boxes, unique packaging components such as handles, hooks, hangers or logos are also ways to identify a specific level of recognition for consumers.

A few packaging industry tips when choosing colors in a deliberate manner for packaging design:

•             Many natural and organic products end up packaged in unbleached paperboard with plenty of green and rich earth tones.

•             Black, gold or silver are used alone or in combination for luxury brands.

•             High tech products are often deliberately packaged in minimalist black.

•             Simple, clean products with fewer ingredients tend to be packaged in white.

•             Kids’ toys are packaged in bright primary colors: yellows, blues and reds. Girls’ toys are in a range of pinks.

•             Lavenders are often used for women’s and new age products that evoke spiritualism.

•             Bright colors used with black evoke sophistication and edgy brands.

In well-executed packaging design, it is this very strategy that prompts the “buy” response from consumers. The packaging industry offers brand owners custom colors and logo imprinting options to accommodate their branding needs. Talk to your Allen Field Sale Rep about your specific requirements in color selection and logo imprinting. All you have to do is providing us with your color chip/swatch for the ultimate package design. See how our impressive package design can take your product sales to the next level.


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Sourcing of Packaging and its Importance on Your Product

One of the most important decisions for manufacturers is their sourcing of packaging.  Believe it or not, the packaging industry greatly influences the products in which consumers buy. Whether your sourcing of packaging is buying handles, closures, or connecting clips to assembling components, the packaging industry may greatly affect the success of your product. Usually options are available for manufacturers that want to manage the purchasing / sourcing with their packaging industry suppliers. Here are four tips to take into account when sourcing your own packaging.

•             The brand owners or manufactures purchase the packaging components from the supplier and take care of the assembly in their own factories.

•             The brand owners or manufactures provide specifications of the needed products, and the suppliers are responsible for sourcing and assembling.

•             The brand owners or manufacturers prepare specifications for desired packaging products and the suppliers are responsible for custom-designing and manufacturing the parts and taking care of assembling and shipping.

•             In addition to managing sourcing, developing and assembling, the suppliers provide the 3PL services that take care of domestic and/or international logistics.

If sourcing of packaging is your goal for your products, Allen Field Co., Inc. is your best solution. Through Allen Field’s constituent market, product sourcing knowledge and established business relationships, provides you with a wealth of experienced product sourcing specialists. Our packaging industry professionals are able to engage in high-quality packaging sourcing that will exceed your expectations. Learn more about the benefits that await you, when select Allen Field’s package sourcing services. For more information, visit our website today.

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3-D Printing is Changing the Way We See Packaging Design

3-D Printing for Packaging DesignAllen Field Inc. has continued to make big strides in the packaging industry. Thanks to their innovative packaging experts, here is one more reason why Allen Field continues to be seen as an industry leader. The company’s packaging designers have found ground-breaking ways to take 3-D printing and instant molding to the next level. Since Allen Field Inc. has taken the packaging industry by storm with their 3-D printing capability, no one in the industry can seem to stop talking about their successes. Here we will discuss 3-D printing and what Allen Field’s packaging designers have to say about their latest contributions to the industry.

Packaging designers had always sent Allen Field’s 3D files out to be produced by third party printers, until about two years ago when the company purchased their first machine. It gave packaging designers so much freedom to experiment with 3-D printing ideas and how they may benefit packaging. Since then, Allen Field Inc. has purchased a second machine, the momentum for growth and expansion of packaging design capabilities are endless.

Thanks to 3-D printing, Allen Field can offer quick turnaround on concepts to clients and the ability to “test” part of the packaging before going into production. Because of the material used, there is only about 10% of projects that the 3-D printing technology cannot be used on, and some larger packaging components need to be produced in sections. For the most part, the technology that 3-D printing provides allows us reach a completely new level in the packaging industry.

Allen Field Inc. believes that their 3-D printing capabilities will continue to grow well into 2015, as they expect to add two more 3-D printing machines. Overall, 3-D printing expands the possibilities for clients and the way consumers experience products. Click here to learn more about Allen Field’s Custom Design Services.

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Ergonomics & Packaging

When it comes to packaging design, ergonomics plays an important role in how successful a packaging company will be. Since ergonomics’ primary function is to make the design of things compatible with human limitations and natural movements, it seemed only sensible for the packaging industry to add this to their packaging design. Do not misunderstand, this is not to say that the packaging industry does not already implement design strategies that are user-friendly, as much as it is important to maintain such perspective when a packaging company is designing a new product.

So, let’s examine the ergonomic mindfulness that packaging design should practice when creating packaging for today’s daily consumer. Of course, like with most packaging design, there lies a challenge — that packaging development needs to be capable of protecting products, while maintaining the practical and intuitive elements of ergonomic principles. This may seem easier said than done in terms of packaging design, but in actuality, it can be achieved as many companies within the packaging industry have proven time and time again.

Determining the right amount of protection requires a delicate balance between ergonomics, safety design and cost-effectiveness of materials. An example of such packaging would be the Soft Touch Swivel Handle which is popular with many of our clients. This handle is the most ergomatic of our handles made of 2-shot soft TPE material. It’s double-material surface gives a soft touch while offering a great carrying capacity. The handle can be made in two colors to continue logo flow making it the most distinctive handle in our line.

Although maintaining the elusive balance between ergonomics and packaging protection is somewhat challenging at times, the packaging design team at Allen Field Incorporated continues to forge ahead, creating innovative packaging design throughout the industry. Please visit our website for more information on our industry leading packaging development.

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How to Attract Online Shoppers with Packaging

E-commerce PackagingWhen it comes to packaging products, it is partially the responsibility of the packaging industry to make the products appealing to customers. After all, the packaging is the face of any product. The first thing that consumers usually notice when looking at items are on a shelf, is its packaging.  But, what about when an item is on a webpage? Thanks to the drastic rise of online shoppers, the packaging industry has to strive to make their packaging even more appealing. Here are a few ways the packaging industry can weather these changing times.

Packaging durability can greatly impact an online shopper’s experience of the product and brand. Just imagine if you were a consumer and the product you ordered for the first time had flimsy packaging, causing damage to the item. As a consumer, you would probably be less inclined to purchase that product again. This is why packaging design is extremely important. Designers are responsible for not only packaging that is appealing enough to gain recognition by online shoppers, but the packaging must ensure the integrity of the item.

As if packaging designers did not already have a lot to consider when designing the ideal packaging, they must keep the packaging appealing. The best way to keep packaging appealing, is to make it personable to consumers. Personalization of products allows the brand to build a relationship with the consumer. Not to mention the innovation of packaging gives a face to the packaging design team. When online shoppers order a product from a website, every designer who worked on the packaging of this particular product leaves their mark. It is imperative for a packaging designer to understand the consumer. By embodying the needs of a consumer, you have already developed an unspoken dialog between industry and consumer.

Finally, packaging designers must make sure the packages in which they are designing are returnable. Even the most eye-catching packages can be overlooked if online shoppers think that the product’s packaging may create a hassle if the item needs to be returned. One of the main reasons why consumers shop online is to have the convenience of products delivered directly to their home or office. If online shoppers have to return an item, it is crucial that the packaging makes for a hassle-free return.

As online shoppers continue to forge ahead, so does the demand for appealing packaging. This increases the pressure on packaging designers to continually come up with ways to make product packaging for the e-commerce world more desirable. Allen Field Incorporated’s packaging designers take a proactive position in these changing in times by creating the most ingenious packaging available to appeal to online shoppers. For more information on how Allen Field Incorporated’s packaging design can increase the marketability of your product, contact us today at 800-535-0810.

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Rise on Packaging Online Sales for the Packaging Industry

Packaging ProductThere is no question that online sales are growing in all businesses across the board. So, why would the packaging industry be any different? What proves to be even more unique about the increase in online sales is that they all require packaging to ship merchandise to customers.  According to forecasts from research firm Forrester, the growth of ecommerce is expected to outpace sales growth at bricks-and-mortar stores over the next five years, reaching $370bn in sales by 2017 in the US alone. So how does the packaging industry keep up with online sales that require packaging? Here are a few considerations packaging industry owners and retailers should take into account as they design packaging for online sales.

Minimize Customer Frustration – Customers shop online mainly for the convenience, and part of this process is how customer friendly the item’s packaging is once it arrives to their door. Design primary packaging so it is easy to find and consumers intuitively know its contents. Avoid frustrating customers with packaging that is awkward or difficult to open.

Consider the Whole Package – When it comes to online sales, packaging design can get a little tricky. The packaging industry now has to not only appeal to a 2-dementional virtual store shelf, but has to maintain the same appeal for the item while it is for sale on an actual store shelf. The best way to negotiate this challenge for the packaging industry is to design product packaging so it is easy to find and customers can easily identify its contents.

Own Your Environmental Responsibility – The increase in online sales, also means the increase of packaging to protect items as they are being shipped, but what does this do to the overall carbon footprint we are leaving behind? This is why it is critical for packaging industry designers to take a long hard look at how they can utilize materials for packaging that customers can dispose of responsibly through recycling.

Looks Do Count – Despite what mother may have told you, looks do matter, especially to consumers who are purchasing online. The best way for packaging companies to ensure the sale of products is to make sure the packaging is appealing, noticeable and easy to identify as customers simply scroll endlessly looking for the item which catches their eye. In all reality, it is most often the package of the item that catches a customer’s eye, when examining online sales.

As online sales continue to blossom and demand the backing of the packaging industry, brand leaders and packaging industry designers are continually considering the need for packaging innovation. Allen Field Inc. has personally followed closely with the changing in times thanks to growing e-commerce. If you are looking for the ideal packaging design to market your product, contact us today at 800-535-0810.

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Recycling of Plastic Packaging

Recycle Plastic MaterialsLately, more consumers are showing improvements in recycling plastic packaging, and conversely, the packaging industry is steadily moving more towards plastic package design for products. This hand-in-hand effort requires the teamwork of both consumer and industry. If the packaging industry continued to utilize packaging like Styrofoam or other non-environmental friendly packaging designs, it would not allow consumers the opportunity to participate in recycling.

According to a Post Consumer Plastics Recycling report, which is based on results from the survey of organizations that handle recycled plastics in both the United States and Canada, over 285 million kilograms of recycled plastic packaging was collected last year alone. These numbers include recycling from manufacturers, exporters, brokers, and material recovery facilities that are all doing their part as well as consumers when it comes to recycling plastic packaging.

Here is a few more numbers according to Post Consumer Plastics Recycling report that pertain to recycling plastic packaging. Approximately 175 million kilograms of plastic bottles were recycled, that is an increase of 3% from just the year prior. Along with this increase in recycling of plastic bottles, other plastic packaging showed a significant rise in recycling. Rigid plastic packaging design, which is typically used as food storage containers showed an increase of 29% in recycling, as well as plastic wrappers and bags increased in recycling by 18%. These numbers make it evident, if industry is willing to provide consumers with eco-friendly plastic packaging design, then consumers will put forth the effort in recycling plastic packaging.

Plastic packaging design among the packaging industry is virtually limitless in the realm of its uses. It is used for everything including plastic bottles for beverages, rigid plastics for food storage containers, plastic films, plastic bags for product protection, and much more. The value plastic packaging has on both the packaging industry, as well as its recycling ability, is immeasurable.

Allen Field Inc. is responsible for producing products with the highest quality plastic materials that are biodegradable to ensure the quality as well as the recyclability of our client’s products. We also believe that by utilizing eco-friendly plastic packaging instead of harmful alternatives, we are enabling both industry and consumer to do their part in recycling plastics. For more information on how Allen Field Inc.’s packaging design innovation can ensure the safety of your products and the environment, contact us today at 800-535-0810.

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Industry & Consumers: Bridging the Gap through Package Design

Industry & Consumer: Bridging the Gap with Product Packaging DesignThere is an important dynamic between industry & consumers, that being packaging. Of course the quality and reliability of products are equally as important, but package design is critical when trying to appeal to a wide range of consumers.

Packaging design requires thought and precision when industries choose what package will best suit its products. You cannot have packaging that would risk injury to a consumer, nor to product, and even further complicating matters packaging should be relatively user friendly for consumers to open in order to utilize the product.

To add more complexity to package design, packaging is not only about functionality, it is also the frontline of your marketing structure. Consumers buy with their eyes when faced with a variety of similar products. Industry package designers must also appeal to the way their product makes consumers feel when they make their decision in purchasing a company’s product.

Another factor for companies to consider is how much will new package design and innovation cost. When companies consider the expense, they should also consider the boost in sales that could follow suit with new page design for products. As in most cases, sometimes is takes investing money in order to produce money.

For more information on groundbreaking packaging for your industry products, browse the packaging  products offered by Allen Field Inc. Allen Field Inc. offers a variety of  package design that are sure to attract consumers and help your company’s overall marketing structure.

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