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A cardboard header card was being utilized to package and hang this client's continuous metal hinge product line in retail/ hardware store displays. Because of the size and weight of the hinges, a large percentage of the cardboard header cards were tearing, causing the hinges to fall to the floor.

The client asked Allen Field Co. to custom design a solution that is flexible to accommodate the entire product line without altering the footprint of the original cardboard header.
Allen Field Co. proposed a new universal plastic header card. Using the inherent features of the hinge, Allen Field was able to design and manufacture a header card that worked on all sizes, had sufficient space for product identification printing, and provided superior holding power.


  • * The solution was turnkey.
  • * Product presentation was much more consistent and appealing.
  • * The header was extremely durable and provided superior holding.
  • * Defective returns and associated costs decreased, resulting in increased retail sales.