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Furniture Manufacturer

This client manufactured a desk that was plagued with assembly problems. The design called for the desk legs to be assembled using a metal bracket and a lag bolt that needed to be manually tapped into a pre-drilled pilot hole within the desk leg. Since the desk was moved frequently in its intended environment, the legs eventually loosened. Each time the bolt was tightened, the holding power decreased to the point that it would not tighten anymore. The client was constantly sending replacement legs, losing sales, and ultimately losing money.


Allen Field designed and manufactured a custom piece of hardware that fit into the existing leg. The hardware was able to simply slide into a hole and align a lock nut to the bolt. Once tightened, the lock nut ensured that the leg would not loosen during assembly or when it is moved. Our solutions-based approach and thoroughness convinced the customer that previous production manufacturing problems could be solved. The customer has since relied on Allen Field for other project solutions.


  • * The solution was turnkey. No modifications to the existing desk or parts were required. 
  • * Returns/ replacement legs decreased by 15%.
  • * The simplicity of the design allowed for rapid delivery and seamless transition within the production process.