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The packaging of forty-two shelves each measuring twelve feet in length was cumbersome and time-consuming. Each pallet of shelving required sixty-four Styrofoam blocks to protect the vinyl coating on the wire racks. This amount of packaging material required four cubic feet of storage space. Labor costs were high and storage space was very limited.

Allen Field created a one-of-a-kind pallet-stacking Quad Clip, made exclusively for this client. It allows the customer to package seventy-two shelves in the same amount of space previously used for forty-two. The new stacking hardware solution replaced the four cubic feet of Styrofoam blocks and could be held in a factory worker's hand.


  • * The solution was turnkey.
  • * The Quad Clip has enabled the customer to ship out more product at a faster rate while protecting the vinyl coating of the shelves.
  • * Shipping density doubled.
  • * Storage space was reduced by 90%.
  • * Labor costs were cut in half.