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Exceeding Expectations Yet Again

A potential customer from the Greenhouse, Nursery and Floricultural Production Industry sought our expertise in addressing the problems of strap handles on multipack nursery plant trays. The current handles utilize the arrow shape insertion design are prone to pulling out of the tray especially after the tray is watered and the load has increased. 
Allen Field brought together both the design and engineering teams whose solution brought benefits beyond the project objective! We designed a handle and clip combination that features the barb shaped push-in clips to prevent slipping and secure the handle for carrying purpose. Our customer now uses two push- in clips per tray into which slides a handle.

- The handle and clip combination has increased portability from 2 unit per customer sale to 4 units per customer sale.

- Once again this proves that the ease and convenience of packaging decisions strongly impact sales. Moreover, the Allen Field custom design team brings such experience and creativity to the table that our customers can take away so much more.