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Custom Services

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Manufacturing Services

Injection Molding

Using the latest technology available worldwide, Allen Field’s plastic custom injection molding professionals can service your most exacting requirements. With machines ranging from 50 to 3,000 tons, our capacity for custom injection molding is unlimited. From engineered thermoplastics to general-purpose materials, we have it all covered. We have had repeated success in many industries including packaging materials, woodworking supplies, textile accessories, and more. Allen Field provides injection molding services solutions to client specific needs.


Over the years, Allen Field has developed the ability to cast an array of alloys, such as aluminum and zinc, among others. Through our research and development, we are able to provide our clients with strong, high-quality, and cost-effective casting and custom injection molding.

Metal Stamping

Allen Field’s sheet metal stamping services focus on innovative industrial design, precise engineering, integrated tooling solutions, custom injection molding and cost-effective manufacturing. To provide end-to-end service, we offer progressive die presses ranging from 20 to 800 tons. Our capabilities include automated bending centers and powder-coating lines.

CNC Machining

Computer Numerical Controlled Machining allows Allen Field to mass-produce items so that you can satisfy all your customers’ needs on time. We also efficiently produce high-quality, close-tolerance parts in a variety of materials. At Allen Field, we believe in improved production through innovation.

Light Assembly

Allen Field’s light assembly service can help you reduce costs in your supply and manufacturing chain. We strive to give you greater flexibility and decrease overhead caused by high levels of inventory.